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The nature of PRS has developed from early days of the second-hand pallet market into now being one of the larger pallet centres in Northern Ireland.
As a second-hand pallet dealer, we still collect in second-hand units of all dimensions. These are sorted, graded and stocked or repaired as required. All pallets are used even those beyond economical repair.
The end of life pallets are stripped back to component parts and used to repair other pallets thereby negating any surplus of scrap units. Invariably we generate scrap wood during the repair process and this is chipped and recycled to be used as Biomass and biodegradable animal bedding.
As a company, we strive for Zero landfill.
It is a basic tenet that PRS will conform to all NIEA Waste Packaging obligations and as such will supply Waste Transfer notes as required and the fleet of lorries will meet the VOSA regulations.
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