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As PRS became a more established provider, customers’ requirements changed as their own businesses expanded and we evolved into being a wooden crate manufacturer.
To date, we have serviced F. G Wilsons, Bombardier, Gallaghers, Spanboard, a multiplicity of engineering companies and the film industry and are currently the largest producer of storage crates for removal companies throughout Ireland, North and South.
These industry standardised crates are designed for warehouse multi stacking and are fully collapsible via a spring catch lock should they need to be retrieved from abroad after use. Our crates are guaranteed to be stronger than the competitors.
In the past, we have resolved customer enquiries with a wide range of solutions including steel frames, moisture proofing and various tilt and moisture monitors etc.
SIZE DOES NOT MATTER to PRS. We have built wooden containers as large as an articulated trailer or robust enough to contain a 12-tonne unit. For intricate units needing designed dunnage, we draw in either 2D or 3D CAD if the customer has CAD drawing for the proposed unit. This ensures a robust case offering the most appropriate level of protection which delivers the customers goods in the condition they left the factory.
Also, the packaging and dunnage can be fully heat treated on site ready to ship.