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Heat Treatment

Some eight years ago PRS recognised the need to Heat Treat timber to the required ISPM standard in order to complete our service to the customers wishing to export the packaging they had ordered.

In recognition of the need to complete the manufacturing process PRS purchased a modular Kiln which is specifically manufactured for the purpose of Heat Treatment and Kiln Drying of timber.

ISPM is now the accepted standard adopted by a large percentage of the nations of the world.
The principle is simple. The wood to be exported is heated and maintained at the necessary temperature to eradicate any living organisms either on or within the cells of the wood as a measure of inhibiting the exportation of entities with the potential to adversely affect the ecology of the importing nation. Re-infestation is generally accepted as being negligible.

The Heat Treatment process on licenced sites is rigorously audited by agents appointed by the Forestry Commission.
PRS also offer a Heat Treatment service for customers requiring the Heat Treatment ISPM stamp who may not have actually purchased wooden goods from us.
Please contact us on the number below to enquire about this service.

Heat treatment pallets